Our Purpose

Fellowship Bible Church exists to Exalt the triune God, Edify and Equip believers and Evangelize the lost.

We seek to EXALT the name of the triune God by worshipping Him corporately & in the way we live our lives every day.

We seek to EDIFY those who profess to follow Christ, by expositionally preaching His Word and praying for the Spirit to lead and convict us by that preaching.

We seek to EQUIP those who profess to follow Christ by teaching the Word of God, encouraging discipleship relationships and encouraging service throughout the body.

We seek to EVANGELIZE the lost by ministries inside and outside the church and by encouraging personal, intentionally evangelistic, relationships with unbelievers. We are committed to making disciples in local and worldwide missions.

If you have further questions about our church, please feel free to review our doctrinal statement or contact our office.

We are non-denominational, but we find these ministries to be an encouragement to our own church & leadership: